Yoni Massage Tips: When Sensuality Awakens Libido

Yoni massage tips allow you to release stress while sharing a moment of sensuality with your partner. Promoting well-being thanks to its relaxing power, the high erotic potential of this practice is also an excellent way to boost your libido and visit here : https://thelesbianspa.com/yoni-massage-in-london/

The Benefits Of Yoni Massage

Prelude to a sexual relationship or simple erotic interlude, Yoni massage is a privileged moment in the life of a couple. If it allows to go to (re) discovery of the different erogenous zones of the body and to awaken the senses, it also has beneficial effects on our health. Indeed, the touch and the caresses of your partner on your body promote the secretion of two hormones, oxytocin and endorphin, known for their relaxing and soothing properties. A perfectly performed sensual massage will allow you to release the muscular tensions from which you may suffer and will also improve blood circulation in your body.


How To Make A Good Massage With The Help Of Yoni Massage Tips?

In order to achieve a Yoni massage that will raise the temperature while allowing you to relieve yourself of the stress accumulated during the day, some preparations are necessary:


  • to make the most of the moment, do not hesitate to heat the room well so that your body is perfectly relaxed;

  • create an ideal atmosphere for the realization of an Yoni massage: install a soft light, do not hesitate to burn incense or scented candles and put on music so that all your senses are involved;

  • The massage oils are essential if you want to enjoy the benefits of a sensual massage. Favor fluid and fatty oils of biological origin in order to limit the risk of allergens;

  • do not hesitate to vary the pleasures by diversifying your caresses. Modulate the intensity and the rhythm of your gestures by being attentive to the desires of the other;

Yoni massage is above all an exchange, it is essential that everyone can take advantage of the caresses of their partner so that the rise in desire is joint and the experience fully successful.

The different kinds of sensual massages

There are several kinds of Yoni massages which, each with different properties, will satisfy your most diverse desires. On the back or on the stomach, you will appreciate the contact of your partner's hands (or other parts of their anatomy) on your body for a highly Yoni relaxation session:


the body-body is a massage which, as its name suggests, is not only done with the hands. For increased sensations, coat your body with scented oil and let your instinct guide you.

the tantric massage requires some technical but allows moving up the desire crescendo. Inspired by Hinduism, it ignites the senses and will awaken your sexuality;

we would have in the hollow of the kidneys more than eight highly erogenous zones too rarely stimulated. The Taoist massage consists in touching the whole back of your partner, from the nape to the anal area, then gradually increasing the pressures… relaxation and pleasure guaranteed.




The Precautions To Take During An Yoni Massage

If the Yoni massage tips give a most pleasant moment, it is nevertheless advisable to observe some precautions for a practice in full safety. Some sensitive areas, such as the abdomen which contains the main vital organs of our body, or the neck which has multiple nerve endings, should only be handled by professionals. The practice of massage is also not recommended for pregnant women or people suffering from skin problems. If you suffer from back pain or have had a recent operation, also wait until you are fully recovered before indulging in the pleasures of an Yoni massage.

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